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The Devon Group Ltd.

  • Technology Infrastructure Planning and Design

PWGSC Regional Technology Replacement
GST Technical Infrastructure
HRDC Network Modernization

  • Acquisition Planning and Support

GST Hardware Platform Acquisition
ISM Facilities Management
GST Print Production Platform
ISP Redesign Project Evaluation Guidelines

  • Infrastructure Implementation

GST LAN Infrastructure Implementation
PSCS Infrastructure

  • System Operation and Management Support

Customs Commercial System
RCCET Enterprise Management Strategy
HRDC Service Management Strategy
ISP Service Management Strategy

  • Microsoft Backoffice Solutions

DOJ Platform Standardization Platform
RCCET Common LAN Platform
SMS v1.2 Implementation
NSERC LAN Administration
Backoffice Products Training

  • Technical Writing and Translation

TechSource Review Project
GST Field Operations
Kyberpass Product Documentation

  • Intra/Internet Security Solutions

Kyberpass Product Development

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