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Database Administrator (DBA) (Stream 1 - Technical)

Education & Experience

A - Successful completion of a post-secondary degree/diploma in Computer Science, Systems Engineering or related field, from a recognized academic institution;


B - A minimum of twelve (12) years professional work experience within the IT field, of which seven (7) years have been as a Database Administrator.


A minimum of fourteen (14) years professional work experience within the IT field, of which nine (9) years have been as a Database Administrator.

Roles and Deliverables could include but are not limited to:

  • Design and integrate reusable common access and application processing modules used by application systems within the Database Management System (DBMS) technology.
  • Analysis, design and develop implementation strategies for complex data or DBMS related changes.
  • Identify requirements for improvements to existing databases by determining usersŐ information requirements and system performance and functional requirements.
  • Pro-actively identify areas of improvements to databases and/or data access layers. Document potential options and implementation strategies, recommending a solution.
  • Perform initial data scoping, data analysis, modelling and database design for new projects or major enhancements to existing systems.
  • Control and coordinate changes to the database, including database structures and the data itself.
  • Lead, develop and implement procedures that will ensure the accuracy, integrity, completeness and timeliness of data stored in the database.
  • Work closely with the project manager to provide a high degree of project management support.
  • Prepare systems releases (all states), coordinate all changes with impacted partners, design and implement conversion strategies.
  • Lead a team and/or participate in the development of solutions to complex database problems or to specific design constraints.
  • Conduct performance and tuning reviews.
  • Review programming code and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Monitor and analyze database performance.
  • Mentor, train and/or coach peers and /or team members.
  • Provide oral and/or written briefings to Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) management and staff as required on various issues within the subject domain.
  • Perform research and development by monitoring and testing new database-related technologies.
  • Develop documents and promote standards and procedures including DBMS-related software selection and implementation guide, DBMS operational procedures and support (including performance monitoring, capacity planning, space management and recovery), production procedures, database design methodologies, guidelines and procedures.

Specialties could include but are not limited to:

  • DB2
  • IDMS
  • JAVA
  • JCL
  • Modelling software
  • UDB
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