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As a member of the TPG Group of companies, The Devon Group Ltd. and our subcontractor associates will now have access to the Canada Revenue Agency, Information Technology Professional Services Supply Chain Contract (ITPSSC) recently won for Stream 1 Technical Services and Stream 3 IT Security Services. The ITPSSC is a large multi-year supply arrangement where Team TPG was ranked number 1 of the three suppliers awarded Supply Arrangements for each of these two streams. We are now accepting resumes from qualified candidates who wish to be considered for the various categories of resources that will be required to address the requirements of this Supply Arrangement.

To find the specific experience, skills and knowledge that will be required and must be demonstrated in any CV's submitted for consideration for any of these resource categories, click on the one(s) of interest.

Stream 1 - Technical Services - Categories

Steam 3 - IT Security - Categories

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Cyber Protection Supply Arrangement (CPSA)
Work Stream 3: Skilled IT Security Services

Pre-qualification Process for Consulting Opportunities
The CPSA is the primary contracting vehicle used by Canadian Government Departments for IT Security Consulting. Consultants need to be pre-qualified to be proposed for an opportunity. To be pre-qualified on the CPSA your application needs to be submitted to the CSE by a supply arrangement (SA) holder.

The category names below are further subdivided by Senior, Intermediate and Junior. There are compliancy grids for each category that must be completed by you and the sponsoring firm, and then submitted by the sponsoring firm for evaluation and approval for pre-qualification. The following scores show what a candidate must score in order to qualify for that category and level:

  • Senior (60 points)
  • Intermediate (50 points)
  • Junior (40 points)
Devon Sponsorship
The Devon Group Ltd. will sponsor qualified consultants in the pre-qualification process. For details on the category grid that must be completed to demonstrate compliancy with each requirement, send your CV to opportunities@devon.com indicating which categories you think best suit you.

We will review your information and follow up with you as to whether there is a fit and proceed with the pre-qualification process.

When completing the grids, substantiation of demonstrated experience must be included in the grids and then referenced as to where the information is located in the resumes, This must be provided for verification purposes. Each demonstrated project should have the name of the project, the position of the resource on the project, the time frames and the total number of years and /or months duration. Overlap between projects should not be counted as credit will not be given.

WS3a IT Security Project Manager
WS3b IT Security Methodology, Policy, and Procedures Analyst
WS3c IT Security TRA and C&A Analyst
WS3d IT Security Product Evaluation Specialist
WS3e PKI Specialist
WS3f IT Security Engineer
WS3g IT Security Architect
WS3h Network Security Analyst
WS3i IT Security Systems Operator
WS3j IT Security Installation Specialist
WS3k IT Security Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Specialist
WS3l Incident Management Specialist
WS3m Business Continuity and Contingency Planning Specialist
WS3n Physical Security Specialist
WS3o IT Security R&D Specialist
WS3p Computer Forensics Specialist
WS3q IT Security General Support
WS3r Privacy Impact Assessment (PIA) Specialist

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